Timothy A. Miller

Guest Conductor

Although to many people, Timothy A. Miller is considered the second of three Miller generations of performing musicians, his inspiration is more his son than his mother. During a successful career in operations management consulting, he did not fully realize the extent of his fascination with musical structure and performance until after his son became a professional musician.

Already in his 50s, Mr. Miller then learned to play all of the brass and single reed instruments and to arrange music - initially for his own enjoyment. But, as a longtime supporter of youth band programs on Staten Island, when budget policies of the then New York City Board of Education forced the elimination of music programs in many public elementary schools, Mr. Miller jumped at the excuse to retire from business and to volunteer to create a free music program at an underserved school on the Island. With that program now in its eighth year, Mr. Miller teaches flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and drums, and conducts 4th and 5th grade bands as well as a 5th grade chorus.

In his conducting and teaching, Mr. Miller acknowledges as mentors the master Staten Island teacher/conductors David LaMorte, William LaVay, Douglas Barr, and Lou Detaranto as well as his own son, Eric, a respected teacher, arranger, and performing jazz trombonist in Chicago. The December 2016 Holiday Concert is the second time Mr. Miller is conducting musicians who are taller than 4 1/2 feet (the first being the TCS December 2014 Holiday Concert) and he is sincerely appreciative of this opportunity.