Leonid Iogansen


Born in St. Petersburg Russia in 1981, Leonid Iogansen started playing violin at the age of seven. Since that time, he has performed at numerous venues in the United States (where he moved twenty years ago) as well as abroad. Leonid has premiered many new chamber and solo works, including his own Violin Concerto. He has won several competitions, such as the Young Virtuosos International Competition in 1999, which resulted in his performance in Carnegie Hall the same year.

As a composer, Leonid has written many solo, chamber, and orchestral pieces, much of which was commissioned. In the Summer of 2006, Shuang Yin International Music Festival commissioned Leonid for a number of humorous pieces for various chamber ensembles as well as the Festival Orchestra, adding up in length to an hour of music. The pieces were performed by the distinguished faculty of the Festival and broadcasted on Taiwan's National Television.

Leonid is also a visual artist and has won many competitions for painting, local and national, both in Russia and in the United States. In 1997, he received the Gold Key Award at the Boston Globe competition.

Leonid graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors of Music in violin performance and composition from Boston University, where he was a Trustee Scholar in 2001-2003, and a Masters degree with the same majors from Peabody Conservatory. He studied violin with Dana Mazurkevich and Keng-Yuen Tseng, and composition with Samuel Headrick, Richard Cornell, Martin Amlin, Charles Fussell, and Bruno Amato. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition at the University of Iowa as a student of Prof. David Gompper.

Leonid is also an active mobile app developer and has published four innovative apps on the iTunes app store. The latest one, navigation-based "Tolls Calculator USA", has received thousands of downloads and continues to grow in popularity.