Soloist Spotlight: Morgan Fite

TCS: Tell us a little something fun about yourself that isn't in your bio?

MF: I’ve been to Coney Island twice!

TCS: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

MF: I didn’t want a job that required me to wake up in the AM. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out this way!

TCS: When was your first TCS concert? What brought you to the Group?

MF: It was for a concert at Rikers Island. My friend recommended me and I thought it was going to be in Chelsea without looking at the email. That ended up being a way bigger commute in the morning than I thought!

TCS: What do you carry with you in your instrument case?

MF: A thing of Advil liquid gels, a toothbrush, a twelve sided die, and usually some beef jerky.

TCS: Why did you choose to perform this this piece with TCS?

MF: Because it’s AWESOME

TCS: Do you have a favorite recording of this piece?

MF: The Christian Lindberg one is my favorite.