Soloist Spotlight: Jason Mellow

Violin soloist Jason Mellow shares insight into his upcoming performance of Ralph Vaughan Williams's Concerto in D Minor on Friday, September 24.

TCS: Tell us a little something fun about yourself that isn't in your bio?

JM: Throughout the pandemic I have started to pick up carpentry. So far I have built custom shelving for my apartment, as well as a plant stand for my mother and an outdoor ‘catio’ for my cat Ripley!

TCS: Do you have any favorite TCS memories?

JM: The annual TCS holiday concert has always been, and continues to be one of my favorite moments of each season. Spreading holiday joy with musical friends and colleagues is something I look forward to every year, not to mention the surprise guest narrators!

TCS: What sets TCS apart from other orchestras?

JM: I’ve found that there is no other orchestra in town that fosters a sense of camaraderie like TCS. Kindness and respect can sometimes be hard to find in the classical music world, but everyone at TCS has always been highly supportive of each other. Also, I’m proud to participate in some of the community work that TCS does, especially with the NYC Department of Corrections in facilities around the city.

TCS: What do you do to set yourself up for success on the day of an important performance?

JM: A good night’s sleep the night before is vital. On the day of the performance, I like to take a walk or jog in the morning to relax myself, and for the rest of the day I make sure to resist the urge to practice too much!

TCS: Why did you choose to perform this piece with TCS?

JM: I love discovering pieces that are not part of the standard repertoire, and this concerto by Ralph Vaughan Williams is rarely performed. As I have prepared the concerto I find myself continually delighted by the lovely harmonies and playful melodies. My hope is that the audience members who may be unfamiliar with this work are as entertained by it as I am.