Seth Bedford

Composer, arranger, lyricist, violist, accordionist, vocalist Seth Bedford blends the musical idioms of Weimar Kabarett, American Jazz, Tin Pan Alley, French chanson, tango, New Wave and a variety of other musical sources to create a sound that defies categorization. As a performer, he's taken on the music of Eurythmics, Josephine Baker, Tom Waits, Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill and William Bolcom and others to blur the lines of where popular music stops and art music begins. As a composer, he's written music for cabaret, theater, film, chamber music and the symphonic orchestra. He is also the artistic director and vocalist for Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau, an 8-piece acoustic cabaret orchestra performing primarily in New York's Greenwich Village and East Village. With his accordion, he also forms half of the cabaret act “Fein and Dandee” with Brent Weldon Reno, where their collaboration began.
He holds a degree in music composition from the University of Texas where he studied with Kevin Putz. While there, he also studied piano, harp, cello and voice. After graduation, he began teaching public school orchestra in Austin, eventually relocating to New York to follow his career as a chansonnier and composer.
He plays viola in and composes frequently for the Chelsea Symphony as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the Queer Urban Orchestra, both of New York City. When he's not composing, he's teaching violin, viola, cello, piano and composition and painting odd pictures. Additionally, he's a member of ASCAP.
There are entirely too many musical instruments and hats in his house.